Street people sing the change cups full. They dance without care, laughing wide and loud.  They search for the weak, catching their eyes, reeling them in; the uninvolved walk and avoid. The corner becomes a one ring circus.  Traffic releases thunder.  Children point.  The elderly understand the caldron of poverty.  Midnight ends the show. A … More RINGMASTERS


Eyes of clouds watched with swollen curves as the earth passed below, its streets busy and sidewalks solid paths of souls colliding and then draining off, opening doors, filing in and out with random irregularity.   The day is a flash of courage on a millennial stage, as the sands of people speak of how … More BETWEEN CLOUDS


Jump that train. Hold tight. Never worrying about which way it’s going, just getting on and going, feeling the hair lifting and wind from prairie towns brushing my eyes while passing quiet towns and barking dogs where streets blend into the same, with maybe a few alike, but all the same encouraging me to take … More STRANGERS FACE


She was dancing. Moving tidal hands out and back. Her neck swayed like a windy willow branch; sideways, over and around, she conquered all the air. Barefoot on October sidewalks. A royal scarf Isadora Duncan would have loved. Paisley red orange blue skirt. A bandana with beads tipped releasing Christmas noise. She smiled at everyone, … More HER SPACE


We are in the business of judging strangers with wry smiles and hats dipped low. We lean in to evaluate, though not close, watching their direction with curiosity and fear, while avoiding their gaze so as not to be invited into their unstable space. We imagine their aroma. Where they slept and what their looking … More STRANGERS


Between dusk and light half truths and minced oaths lift from lips sentences of thought salted in hope the understanding breaking wisdom where abandoned chances release onto sidewalks unnoticed passed over as common babbling taken for granted a bruising for speech from the wandering wise without pillows standing, spreading neon flashes of mercurial thoughts.   … More STREET WISE