Poetry strong a subtle story without subtitles   breathing out words to grow on or avoid   ideas pressed in the winds of thought   hold tight the cards place the bets take the winnings and then the door   tears for hope and faith to the end


Water filled words the start of growing dripping thoughts shadows looking for a shape to become a sound   it’s the last part of the best the chance to explain and the reasons lost from silence   the half note becoming complete the message received the gold of knowing the walk not alone the story … More OVERFLOWING


The above landscape is a canvas of infinity.  A place beyond reaching fingers or the roof of buildings.  Curious eyes form a lifetime of dreams through telescopes. Changing seasons expose new borders and positions of the stars. They are constant.  Forever appearing. Offering stability to faithful observers.  A wealth of beauty can be passed on … More UP THERE


A glance of hope.  The message between pen and paper, yet to begin. Words are stored like wine until released with flavor; held in private until it breathes out a message.  Indifference is the creature of thought, the expression of the unexpected.  The surprise.  The unimpeded flow, void of subjective influence as it flourishes like … More OLIVE BRANCH


Separate hands.  Divided tracks expressing the battle within.  Musical fingers, the dance of a tapping theory. Deep roots of song flush to the surface; a dilation is then quick to expand.   Drums beating out thoughts pause then continue, marking paths to an immediate change; the impertinence of youth is an undeniable salve.   Dancers … More OPENING NIGHT