wet pavement rain washes city dust polishing the rust with heavens night showers shining sidewalks beneath an all night diners neon’s   ruffled muted images drip past the front door into refuge where sinners have no regrets as they speak of never enough time while exchanging ideas of washed over without washed out … More NIGHT GATHERING


A lost calling. The seasons changing without notice. A misplacement of the misplaced; The Beat Generation. They were crusaders of the word; always someplace and never without cool. Shirts and shoes unrequired from San Francisco to West 46th Street. Their pain was locked in the fists of their resistance. Eyes deaf toward the average, they … More WHERE ARE THEY?


The last train holds seats for strangers.  Yesterday’s newspapers catch at the ankles of the sleep and possessed.  The rhythm of steel wheels creaks loudly into the corners, alarming no one.  Sinners pray for home. Saints sleep past their stop. Passing city lights reflect in a moment of blur, revealing sad eyes and lonely streets; … More TICKETS PLEASE