Heavy, with the frame of a big man through a crowd, the storm front rolled in like horses running wild. Winds viciously slapped trees, lifting objects weak with weight into the turbulence of clotheslines dancing electric and windows rattling like angry snakes or unburied bones. Doors yielded to great pushes … More RUSTY HINGES


Highway papers scatter the road. Yesterday’s news pressed against the inside of a factory fence.  The sky is rose red.  The air is moist.  There are no songs but the wind gusts a tune. The clouds resemble casual caring hands, resting like sleep while building silently into towers over a landscape full and willing. A … More REPLENISH


A wind voice caught me out, scratching my window, drawing on the glass with wet finger branches. The sun in on vacation.  Somewhere behind cumulous mountains, shining elsewhere on children and cats. Winds buffet in an attempt to separate what man has built. Gray scud clouds slip the wetted land. Puddles reflect between ripples a … More SKY SHOW


Flat is the water, where dreams roll over past chances and hands with palms exposed pleading truth and roads chosen too soon release darkened unfamiliar clouds where thunder presses the chest and rain washes the better part of shadows from the skin while tired legs search and find glimpses of places where words breathe uneasily … More FAST WITH FLOW


The wind had its way with me gusting like campfire smoke, lifting the edges of my shirt, pushing me with direction.  My feet concede to half steps, like a child walking up stairs.  I attempt to brace my position like a human redoubt while yielding a few paces.  I turn sideways, reducing for a moment … More PASSING STORM


Satin coated drops of water course randomly off green canvas awnings outside my bedroom window.   A summer morning filled with rumbling and capricious winds stirs me in my warm cotton cocoon.   As I open half dreaming eyes, the aroma of wet grass welcomes me.   The fragrance of coffee wafts through the rooms. … More CANVAS AWNINGS