It’s my shoreline.  A place of footsteps and whispers, high clouds, blue cobalt skies, forever horizon; it’s a song I live.  A moment brings me in, an hour holds me tight.  It’s a place without time, without changing, it holds the strength of me.  I am the shadow of here. I stand on the edge … More MY ROCK


The very first time I viewed the ocean, its blue arms pulled me with selfish compassion, forcing me into its waves like a present being unwrapped. Without loss I pressed back, capturing the waters around me.   Like a friend, long lost, or a home distant, the ocean released a language for me to open … More UNTIL NOW


A frontier of waves with form breasted my ankles with coolness borne from dark fathoms. Water and foam spread like dust on the shoreline where it flows blue and green over sand broken from ancient mountains. The aroma of tumbling water runs strong over me; a ripe fruit unchallenged. Threads of a blue heaven hold the … More CLEAN


It was the last days of warm sand. Afternoon shadows lay long and slender. The sun slipped away a little earlier and the clouds appeared thinner from where I stood. Season change is a transition of the soul, a sacrifice without choice; the end of one, the beginning of another.   A rightly authority turns … More TRANSITION