withdrawn,   the language of comfort, facing into a corner   a journey of eyes closed and hands pressed tightly securing darkness,   where walls meet as solid agents and silent sentinels,   providing firm support without affection, available without reservation  


Is it the end?   such a distance form what was the beginning   security stood close moving safely one way   avoiding corners unknown shadows selecting carefully common welcomes   now a glove is missing from the hand I knew   remembering the avenues we walked under curved boughs in all seasons speaking softly … More THAT’S IT


  At the end of the earth there’s a diving board where grieving souls and soiled hands search for security and a higher calling   there comes a realization there are no road signs or directions   but the hope there’s a safety net after the jump      


At the end of the earth there’s a diving board for each of us, where grieving souls and soiled hands search for a higher place; everyone hopes for security.   Truth exposes itself in various colors; nighttime is when the fear of alone is invisible.  Long stories and dreams about voices no longer present fill … More JUMP IN


We are grains of sand. Marked within the glass. A gathering of what’s behind, out of reach, as one more grain tumbles, brushing against broken thoughts and lies we turned into truth.  There are doors we locked and clouds we pointed at; road signs desperate to advise.  Another grain of names slips thorough, some forgotten … More UNCOMMON CORNERS


The release of loss Should be a temporary dark over; like a half smile, part with you, part at you.   It’s when confessions drip from a repentant tongue, loosening squeaky thoughts, relieved to be free.   The inside of healing words fight to the surface, struggling for new air; a chance for old shadows … More THIS DAY


This town has no easy street. Its not about luck or the draw in favor. Fast shoes keep them moving on sidewalks, all looking the same. Red lights give pause to the race and the prize that fails to praise.   The occasional flowers and the best of struggling trees survive in silence in empty … More EMPTY LOTS