Sometimes there’s not enough words to explain the day.  We attempt to create a shape, a revelation between spaces, where a line becomes more than a crease in time.  It’s a half note matured and filled with air.  The sound bursts into a place not yet traveled.  The movement resembles a crusade, a new path … More PLACE YOUR BETS


Shadowy unruly pendants; the tales of fate misguided, the language of drowning without answers. Like potted houseplants turning into the sun, people wait for that taste of a good watering.   Every corner holds the treasure for an attempted escape. A piano without tune falls silent. A ceiling fan spins out of boredom.  A floor … More NO HARM IN LEAVING


The in-between of dusk and night releases half shadows. Clouds hurry to corners.  The last breeze twists a single sheet on a clothesline.  A voice familiar to back doors slips into a cracked plaster hallway.  Billboards advertise last year’s circus.  Resilient pillars of weeds claim an abandoned lot.  A dog with strong eyes challenges the … More CAREFUL STEPS


Sounds skipped over the gathering like flat stones over water.  There was no right direction of movement.  Fingers pointed.  Eyes glanced.  Footsteps clapped along equally out of sequence.  The people resembled tall willowy weeds reacting to a brush of random breezes, swaying unevenly as they crossed the street to the other side; searching for closure … More FINISHING OUT


I feel the melancholy in the youth of my legs.  The missed chances to run while entertaining too much rest; my past indifferences plague me. I remember when I challenged the wind, claiming no defeat or tasting the vanquish of second place. I open to the fondness of fleeting victories, savoring the memories that are … More OVER AND AWAY


I feel the challenge filled with words causing my steps to change, a new course, an open road, the thirst for something more.   I sense a fullness lacking that fails the void within an emptiness, a shallow soul, a person incomplete.     Its then I hear my name from waters stirring deep pointing … More BRAND NEW


        A wave of voices claims pastures of air lifting up songs of worship and praise encouraging the downcast and healing broken hearts.   The choir reaches into willing souls with keys shaped like notes turning locks and setting loose with words a fresh breath of life.      


    Lifting waves of hands like vines circling, weave tapestries of surrender and praise for the beginning of a start or the end of long suffering.   The message of hands provides comfort and rest, a blanket of protection, safety without words.   An open and willing heart provides the opportunity for God to … More NEW BEGINNINGS


Strength resigns when surrender fills the space lifting the soul to a peace beyond wisdom a chance for hope with a breath of believing and a sign of change. The gain of riches authority and self fail to comfort that invisible pull at pathways you’ve chosen and people you know. Prayer humbles and stirs the … More PATHWAYS OF SELF


        I press against the pull of chains That others fail to see, The battles raging in my eyes The hours lost within.   The failings mount In dark storm clouds Like horses pulling strong And thunder speaks in final tones As I drift away from home. The warrior stands affirmed for … More WARRIORS WITHIN