A place strong like a river   surroundings soft on the eyes and easy on the hands   drawing out the best of long fields where sunsets command a second look and rains are infrequent   while angels harmonize in the scent of lavender dissolving the unknown


The river is a testament to longstanding, a continuation without interruption   the river possesses beauty and strength its banks dappled with brush and half buried trees   velvet smooth water the veins of flow to the oceans heart feeds on silt from fields and ancient meadows   its motion is a voice   it … More RUMBLING


There was a glass reflection of sky and overhanging branches as we passaged down river, slipping through calm water; an excursion through nature’s lyrics. Each wide corner revealed another portrait in perfect color; small gatherings of birds swept silently above. There was a balance.  A quiet tempest of greatness.  An undercurrent of power not seen. … More EACH CORNER


Over hanging branches with fingers of moss drool onto a brown fat lazy river.   Mud soft edges sit rich with ooze, tempting to touch, warm with patience.   A yellow roaring sun growls hungrily pressing green stems to wilt in prayer.   The voice of flow rumbles deep, muscled strong while passing through.   … More WIDE BROWN RIVER


  The tumblers of the day turned down locked out a yellow sun pushed up and out by hounds howling at a smiling round moon with a cheesy smile smiling into a crowd rightly smelling the jazz splashing fast over them like rain of summer warm with wet finding faces and staining forever their insides … More SPLASHING FAST


It’s a great river, pushing currents Grinding out paths where flow and tides Gain strength, rising then cresting back Working the heart, gaining speed Unable to stop, the clock its motion Simply fights in silence.   Youth escapes from bronzed summer skin, Uncombed hair, footprints thought to last, Fade regardless of prayers, tears or anger. … More TIME


      Crawling gray clouds like dusty knees of workers slide over a wooden bridge where a girl sings over waters below.   Her voice occupies the transient air as she claims her place above quiet waters slipping downstream.            


      On the bank of a wide river where pause collides with slow a man and a guitar finds rest under dripping moss. His broad fingers find refuge with the strings like captured moths circling feverishly around a single hanging bulb. A calico cat appearing dead brushes its tail without order to the … More A WIDE RIVER


Flat is the water, where dreams roll over past chances and hands with palms exposed pleading truth and roads chosen too soon release darkened unfamiliar clouds where thunder presses the chest and rain washes the better part of shadows from the skin while tired legs search and find glimpses of places where words breathe uneasily … More FAST WITH FLOW


Ancient muscles of water form the flow of rivers.  Tumbling volume, surface clear while the deep black is a mystery of all things tangled. River banks stone or sand.  Grand glacial monoliths sit submerged from sight. Trees lean to the water, the source of their roots. Heavy rains run the banks over. The teeth of … More A CALM DAY