There was a lifting of dreams, a rising of hope an overreach of memories.   he was a velvet hitchhiker searching for relief.   secret angels touch the soul of his shoulder guiding him away from creative misfortune   he stands to the right of his shadow. as he witnesses the good within uncertain eyes. … More ONE STEP PAST


It’s where the earth intersects with clear geometric lines. Grand dominant swaths of fields flowing with wheat, gold and majestic, swimming lazily under a deep blue sky.   Oceans of wheat, their tops waving in rhythm toward a distance far beyond.   Buried deep below are the remnants of ancient rivers and lakes, feeding to … More AMBER SEAS


Hallway footsteps create a sad rhythm. Neon lights break over cracked linoleum.  The elderly carry groceries in a cold wind; their facial wrinkles are road maps of experience.   Young people speak of someplace else. They gather under stars of tragedy, dreaming in black and white; visions unworthy of being in color. Their lives grasp … More SOMEWHERE STRANGERS