a gravel voice dirty hands fall and winter in his hair fire eyes looking for a curious glance as he points up signaling the end, suggesting everyone line up under stars and sun as arrows target the weights and measures unlocking the door within you


There’s clouds I spoke to, yelled at cried under   and stars I confessed the worst of me bouncing prayers off the space between   and under moons where useless silver threads failed to drown out the blood of my sins   as my eyes suffered sight to see a way through   to the … More FINALLY



A secret word passing within the in between like smoke drifting through an alley or the shadow of an angel crossing over   the stillness defies gravity opening like a day lily providing  an inward glance   of the sought after the searched for the thought captured for a brief second   …its all that’s … More A SINGLE PLACE


It’s what we do best, we re-invent. Changing the colors of our thoughts, the visions of what others fail to see in us, rearranging and redressing the expressions of our inner person, the cerebral compartments and storerooms where few candles light the way as we break through releasing that which is restricted without reason.   … More AMAZING WITH GRACE