A shop window with a black background offers reflections for free.   Brief glances of approval or disappointment. a casual moment to review size or height or the unwanted parts. A tip of the hat. Straightening a tie. The acceptance of neatness or unchangeable habits.   The reflection fails to reveal inner thoughts, turmoil, sin, … More SO FEW PLEASURES LEFT


  We are fleeting reflections in the stream of air rushing over us. We hear and feel the song of time; the metronome counting minutes, becoming years. We see our image, the branch of a greater tree; its roots mark a beginning of a not so distant past. There is a failing as we grow; … More MOVING FORWARD


The moon is a reflection in the eyes of night people.   A silver casting from above draws over dark ground, forming gray shadows on the leeward side of standing objects.   A flat moon face gazes into our small space where we huddle, looking up, wondering the distance and how to get back.   … More REFLECTION