A wedge or orange waits for morning fingers   a black cat at the screen door; a pinch of salt over the shoulder   same radio songs weather changes clouds always appear   last patch of snow in the shaded corner of the shed   a few buds up high on trees thrive where sunlight … More WINTER FADES



From the top of the stairs an opening appears, past street lights and buildings without windows.  A rippled blanket of dusty air turns up after trucks and buses. Humidity attacks the skin with the local flavor from back alleys and abandoned trash. A screen door slaps shut.  A voice rises above the din of traffic … More OUT THERE


Where’s the song I remember? The one we all knew, at least some of us did. From radios on beaches, flowing out car windows and down hallways playing its tune. The song bridled a sweetness to the air, a message of words, a rhythm, where fingers tapped and heads nodded. Like life, things fade.  Memories … More THAT SONG