the house was a fire of voices   a child on the front porch sang a song about water and boats   floor boards language inner travel from room to room   burnt evening skies brushed the house with setting shadows as night breathes out a deep sigh of quiet


I see a remembrance shadow in most places catching my breath holding me hostage to the step,   the sound familiar, unchanging from the before and the after,   moving within the circle,   smoothly rolling under stars and smiles from a moon as I walk into night quiet


smoldering residue the invisible below, the surface challenged, a psalm in sunlight, a road leading home, ghosts with wisdom, scholars misunderstood, a passage of hope, a hand full of help, a shoulder worth bearing, a compass forward, a door and another door, the message received, the quiet within creates order


The world past the front porch, watching the same clouds set in the magic of the sky   prayers lift up from swings and wicker chairs escaping through tired screens   cars passing know only of roads, the next corner the direction home or close to it   train whistles cross over buildings and empty … More SWING ON


He thought greatly of himself. His phrases and finger pointing attempted to fill the nothingness beneath his shirt.  He was respective of others as long as they listened to him.  His neckties were bright and his eyes fired from a burn on his tongue.  Business was his business but no one knew what business. The … More A BELL RUNG


Recumbent warm air recedes under cool blankets of evening. Crickets voice night with searching; a dome of darkness encourages their song.   Fragrant pedals of color fold over like melted silk; resting in repose under a closed nights eye.   A lingering dying breeze crosses an open porch, teasing a rocking chair into faint motion; … More STILLNESS


The strings of stars descend from higher heavens where daydreams begin and eyes are quenched with cool water while songs sing of the forgets.   The black sphere above us holds the end of something far greater than imagination; wild orchids become lost on the canvas of celestial darkness.   Gardens below sleep, breathing under … More BEFORE SUNRISE


Crawling sideways through pines smiling of chrome an autumn moon takes command like lightening without sound drawing my eyes as if pulled by strong tides I gaze not for just a moment but I search as I have countless times its cold distant face and will again when pleasantly captured by it its presence once … More MOON SPACE


TEN SECONDS A distant rumbling amplified the silence around me. My breathing roared within me. I whispered lightly, making sure I wasn’t deaf.  I held my breath and then released it into ambient stillness. The clouds possess a cotton smoothness. The leaves appear asleep, unconcerned for impending winds and rain. I feel insignificant at the … More TEN SECONDS


A low moon, smiling full, casts silver blankets over my backyard. Darkness swells into corners where sounds dissolve into a flat silence. A lone shirt on a clothesline with arms walking, imitates a dancing life; breezes fill the yard like children playing. The window prints my nose cold. My bed refreshes me with its warmth. … More MOON SILVER