Between dusk and light half truths and minced oaths lift from lips sentences of thought salted in hope the understanding breaking wisdom where abandoned chances release onto sidewalks unnoticed passed over as common babbling taken for granted a bruising for speech from the wandering wise without pillows standing, spreading neon flashes of mercurial thoughts.   … More STREET WISE


COMPANY OF ANGELS       I have fallen into company of angels.   Brushed by wings of heavens understanding.   I am paused, held as if in the comfort of sleep.   Though arms spread ocean width, they fail to equal a moment of praise my lips willingly confess.           … More COMPANY OF ANGELS


A thousand flags in the hands of dancers grace the blue tiled floor in Solomon’s temple lifting together in praise and adulation.   Horns strike to up heaven, harps and bells cut sharp the air raising a standard of worship by faith.   Drums beat the rhythm of a nation. Voices together offer thanks through … More SOLOMON’S TEMPLE