A glance of hope.  The message between pen and paper, yet to begin. Words are stored like wine until released with flavor; held in private until it breathes out a message.  Indifference is the creature of thought, the expression of the unexpected.  The surprise.  The unimpeded flow, void of subjective influence as it flourishes like … More OLIVE BRANCH


The sun clipped over the tops of quick moving clouds, creating a running shadow over me as it sped ahead searching for a finish line.  I ran with the hope to catch it, when another caught me from behind.  It’s a day without rain.  Geese are heading north.  Blossoms expand. I stand in a soup … More JUST AHEAD


It was a grand road leading to the great house.  Ancient trees lined the way.  Their size were remarkable.  Wide thick branches traversed to the other side, collaborating in a mixed entanglement of deciduous matter.  The road became diluted under the strength of the boughs and surrounding fragrances.  Deeper into the passage the car emerged … More BEYOND SHADOWS


The slow drip of sand under a stone bridge.  Above, clouds dampen a dry sun.  The park welcomes all without prejudice. Easy hats sit smartly; umbrellas stand at the ready.  Vows of dedication, newspapers and Books complete the image. Park benches remember James Barrie and the children pirates. And C.S. Lewis offering passages to other … More A RESTING PLACE


This place is father away from home.  Each forgotten name or street adds miles to the distance.  Valleys became reminders of low points; unfathomable bottoms like dreams of running underwater.  There was a lost balance.  A gimbal unchecked. Spinning.  The horizontal plane fighting to remain upright. Days blend into days yet to happen. There is … More A NEAR DISTANCE


He was a stranger to most. Few knew his name.  He stood full.  Broad shoulders.  A man without a boyhood.  Capable hands scared from hard work.  He was between young and old.  Thick wavy hair. Wire rimmed glasses; searching, curious eyes. Goodness in his voice.  Mountains climbed and rivers explored.  No mention of family no … More A GREAT TREE


A soft shoe slips the floor, pushing aside sawdust and broken promises; the cost of today releases the cash for night. Empty back pockets hold dreams without conviction.  Black sunglasses shape the truth.  Pearly white smiles spread a net; the hungry listen to anything, full stomachs walk by. Street vendors speak the truth.  Its a … More THIS WAY


We are grains of sand. Marked within the glass. A gathering of what’s behind, out of reach, as one more grain tumbles, brushing against broken thoughts and lies we turned into truth.  There are doors we locked and clouds we pointed at; road signs desperate to advise.  Another grain of names slips thorough, some forgotten … More UNCOMMON CORNERS


It’s a song for the night.  The slow creep of a high tide as the last car heads for the next town.  Wayside diners and broken hearts gather on empty at a desert gas station.  Someone reads The Howl out loud; it’s the fear and the dreams we live up to.  Steel mills steam alive … More CRESTED LIZARD


The train lunged in and out of order.  Heads swayed like displaced seaweed mocking gravity.  The stars and moon remained in place.  Thick metal wheels turn with conviction.  There is no shame for those asleep, leaning onto windows, newspapers for pillows. The miles create a low hum.  The engine possesses a pure heart. White smoke … More NIGHT CRAWLERS