the story within a song a passing face the sound of your name a closing door morning rain first falling leaves last summer day the other glove soft side of a hand a spring wreath an old letter favorite shoes the chance for again the sun absorbing rain the cat that came back a road … More PIECES


The strangeness of late hours and busy feet walking between buildings where memories sift through passions and promises   it must be the under surface of heaven where shadows and dreams whisper wisdom and pillows hide dreams   and finally we realize that flowers become more beautiful as we age into something new


There is a vision inside of everyone. A vision of something distant from reality, yet persistent, attempting to create belief. A flash of honey sweetens the dreams that we hide in our pillows. Stories tightly wrapped in linen.   A fresh song or story taps its way to the surface, turning over the stone of … More NIGHT TRAVELER


Pillows are the footnotes of thoughts, the bubbling of half truths and scattered sticks of wisdom, expressed without order in the night of a room. Pillows are the guardians of words drooled from the chasm of mouths and ejected from cerebral complexities. The warden of speech releases into night swimming dreams, the backlog of anxiety … More PILLOW TALK