to brave the change the unknown on a park bench feeding pigeons, eagles in another life while enjoying the green as leaves scratch in winds way   boys throwing stones dogs on leashes with angry eyes walking on paths around ponds   as day is completed much like yesterday and tomorrow  



There was a buzzing in a heaven of clouds. A horn from the alley brought down the house of pigeons. The air transformed into a night beauty.  Neon’s and back doors offered a refueling of the psychological mortgage.  Voices from the second floor rejoice between the folds of buildings.  When night and dark mix, the … More A WAY THROUGH


Low clouds dampen an early Fall afternoon.  Sounds of pigeons overhead and newspapers opening become absorbed into an unmistakable dullness.   People hold hands, thanking the stars for dreams coming true.  Puddles of last nights rain reflects treetops and corners of buildings protected by gargoyles.   The aroma of tar and steam touches everyone passing … More FROM UP HERE