the jazz the hip the swagger the sound high life sweat and gin piano sweet horns of life dogs barking neon’s sizzle suspenders and silk pony tails beards and sash fingers snap lipstick and lace cymbals and sticks midnight and the passage to the other side


It was an occasion for suspicion a strange arrangement searching for a solemn confession among a pastel of voices like the comma between two good thoughts of invading serpents and invading dreams where the best of plans are assembled for a traveler born wounded to find a way under a keyboard of passing clouds  



The piano room was a glass slipper waiting for perfect hands to free the sound. Sunlight through the curtains spread a yellow pollen-like glaze over the furniture. Books lining shelves resurrected the curious. The room possessed an unexplained magnetism. A place for the temporary soul to embark on an expedition of heart. A grand oriental … More WAITING


That piano man.  Unlocking keys with his finger.  Breaking down doors into the light of song.  His head pulses with beat.  Shoulders sway like ocean waves bringing the high tide of song to the shoreline of crowds.   The sound is a wind he creates.  Escaping the bonds of different voices where into one moment … More PLAY THROUGH


Night pushed in. Cool air brushed over me. Crickets start. Clouds look cold. Shadows fade. Porch lights start. Empty swings. Windows close. A cat sits by the door. A few leaves fall. Toys in the yard. The last slivers of dusk. A screen door closes. Laundry on the line. Baseball on the radio. A distant … More LIGHTS OUT


A gypsy vagabond of notes, refreshing like spring rain, lifted up with the fragrance from warm roads mixed with cut grass, a moment alive with sound from angels as the piano created a language, familiar to itself yet unknowing to many nearby, listening as they would a speech dry from paper, lifeless, missing the fluid … More IVORY FINGERS


The piano man got no shake for hurrying those fingers working notes jump walls like thieves stretching long to escape.   Hungry air yields like trees caught in storms tilting hard roulette sound got no stop when spinning into jazz up and out.            


          The piano player snapped into notes of busy, lousy with heavy jive so thick with curtained waves of song folks found to the comfort bended knees like Sunday preaching at the altar lifting hands begging more of the same to wash over flow over send them heaven home where music … More LIFTING OF HANDS


A force of sun cast yellow splinters past open curtains onto a wooden floor with sharp edges as they slip up the wall like a daydreaming spider. The quiet of the room is loud with silence. A solid red couch holds the room hostage. A grand desk, centered with pride, smoothly carved, decorated with silver; … More AFTERNOON LIGHT


          Notes with wings take flight like dust pushed by the breeze of a horn finding every corner where music brings to life snapping fingers heads bobbing eyes agreeing ears laughing as sounds fill your head like jam on toasted bread Where crumbs fall like notes with wings.       … More NOTES WITH WINGS