There is no unhappiness in a stonewall. Its industrial beauty shrugs with humility. Seasonal wars have no effect on its lines. There is nothing porous about it. The stones once buried within ancient soil are like diamonds and pearls, protecting the perimeter of its birthplace. Fortune blesses the license of its presence each day; a … More ANCIENT LINES


She held the stage hostage, holding tightly the neck of the microphone like a thief attempting escape. She commands the air before her, opening a path to waiting ears. Her mascara is pointed like an Egyptian Princess.  Her lips possess the strength to break hearts.  Her smile is a strand of rare pearls. There are … More SMOKEY LIGHTS


A stirring within the water. A pattern of signatures overwhelming the passage of a turbulent surface. Consequences foretold.  The opening of truth is not always accepted.  Hands cut from stone, granite facts, like swimming underwater against strong currents.   A mirror becomes the vestibule of confessions, releasing waves of who we thought we might be … More SAND STRENGTH