A secret word passing within the in between like smoke drifting through an alley or the shadow of an angel crossing over   the stillness defies gravity opening like a day lily providing  an inward glance   of the sought after the searched for the thought captured for a brief second   …its all that’s … More A SINGLE PLACE


A fallen sun drowned in black. Iron painted sky, the hammers of thunderstorms hidden within. Angel wings fall from heaven. Insane nightmares scream through canyon walls. Monsters live in the rush of rain; green blue waters hemorrhage mud brown. Cymbal crashing winds sever branches. The storm consumes the weak and unstable.   The orchestra of … More OPEN ABOVE


There was little understanding between them and him. What was discussed fell fallow. Them pressed the point to him. He knew the choice of them and their kind, “join them or flounder alone.” This was not for him.  He would warm under a blanket of without, and remain in division. Them held strong the line, … More HOLDING THE LINE


Whispers become twisted words within the shadows of curtains; the uncertainty of thoughts.   Fields are full of stonewalls. Like good works stacked unevenly; boasting and chest thumping.   Each day confirms the grace we have received to welcome the certainty of who we are.