She possessed a doubtful overture of laughter like an inner shadow shielding pain   when speaking with passion she covered her heart as if preventing it from being captured by worldly pursuers   she rarely spoke of holy things, only then, a half smile   when bored she gazed about slipping away with a faint … More MOSAIC


the shadow staggers behind   out of rhythm humming a song no one ever heard   there were times of shadow separation crossing the line a string of walk-a-ways never followed through or followed up   and the lack of respect the disinterest toward the shadow spending time leaning, fading back, crossing over or through … More JUST TO THE SIDE


He dressed roughly, like a storm shaken tree.  His corners were unbroken.  A long step claimed his ground.  Short salt flavored thoughts watered his words with meaning. Work was his passion.  There was reason with his plans. Quality is the art he perfects. Concern speaks from his eyes. He rises before the sun, claiming each … More A FOREST WITHIN


His fingers owned the strings releasing freely treasures slipping to earth. Notes competing with stars lighted dark skies like Christmas every night. His head snapped to the beats bursting in air then settled slow into soft. Sweat channeled long with drips from his passion as he breathed out the jazz.


      Night chords drip a slow pace. Porches fill with moving voices. The ice in drinks mix with perfume and sweat. The bass man spills the passion while his hands create a sound blessing. He has a garden of jazz to release. Colors in the crowd move forward, bright with face, soft in … More INSPIRATION