Dust rose in menacing circles behind the car; generations of travel brushed to the roadside.  Truck lights create lonely shadows.  Bleary eyes crave coffee; the liquid toothpicks of temporary vision. Hitchhikers seek the ride of hope.  Their boots worn down to sandals as they desire other places. Forgiveness is far from home.  Familiar voices are … More DOWN AWAY


There was a breath of bad jazz.  Dark curtains frosted over.  The jams Of songs fled from the fingers to the valves on the horn. “Where comes the sound?”  People nearby wondered.  The air became frantic With cut notes.   Fractured and scratched from the blood of soul and sand, where his life lay exposed … More OPEN WIND


HEADING HOME   Farewell to day.  The heat layered high through dawn, spreading wide over spaces where long shadows formed beyond ancient obstacles burdened into place.   Night….finally moved in.   People casually scattered.  Stars opened their windows onto a black sky.  The desert diner closed up; its neon’s splizzed out a last drizzle of … More HEADING HOME


A thickness of night. Coolness smoothing over the yard, removing the last remnants of day’s heat; windows shut and sweaters appear. The lakes dark surface humbles even the brave. Inside, cabin lights extinguish like falling stars. Night sounds filter through aged screened windows. The aroma of pine lingers heavy in the air. Soft voices respect those … More I REMEMBER


It was nearly morning. The ills of night slowly pushed aside for the presence of day. Sleep and dreams mended indifferences; the result would be eye opening.   The laurels of day were yet to be placed on the shoulders willing to challenge.   Time became the perfect order, like an orchestra blending its beginning into … More ONE MORE STEP


Moonlight has no enemies. It circles around the eye of the earth, showing us the favorite side, reserving its right to be specific without reason.   Shadows never speak as they follow close behind, imitating without initiating, patiently waiting for the next sleight of hand or foot.   The wind remains new. Inventing paths at … More AROUND THE SUN


One in the morning. I stretch, turning off the light. My book falls to the floor. Looking up, a cerulean mist hangs as my eyes adjust. A curtain of black soon covers the room. A diesel truck passes by below. A window shuts in anger. The night stand clock hums out of tune; an electric … More EARLY


I pointed to a full moon suggesting to my cat the enormity of silver so distant favored my yard.   The cat yawned with indifference. Its tail providing a half swish, unimpressed with the depths of space or the light it doesn’t need.   The fireplace snapped with heat, causing one of his ears to … More SILVER


A meadow of stars shined brightly into forevermore where a a small portion of night was pushed aside into a cold place before darkness reclaimed the sky.   I start to count the rubies and diamonds above, surrendering my numbers to the dots pasted onto infinity canvas.   The lights of a great city offers … More HIGHWAY SKY


Night pushed in. Cool air brushed over me. Crickets start. Clouds look cold. Shadows fade. Porch lights start. Empty swings. Windows close. A cat sits by the door. A few leaves fall. Toys in the yard. The last slivers of dusk. A screen door closes. Laundry on the line. Baseball on the radio. A distant … More LIGHTS OUT