Street, flat out. Oversize shirts, yellow and striped.  Coats without arms.  A song in a walk; shoes envy the beat. Broad strokes of colored hair. A beard, a flash of checkered pants.  Sandals and combat boots.  A skateboard has lost its rider.  Subways rattle. Steam pipes hiss. Rain coats under blue skies. Hats without rain … More SIXTH AVENUE


He breathed out the blues with the release of a raspy washboard, capturing the days full of sweat under a full sun or nights hanging moss or in backrooms where spilled whiskey drenches sawdust floors.   He had a birth of songs flash spitting from hot greasy pans of his kingdom high thoughts, peppered with … More BLUES MAN


I know where I received the “gots”, The Big Easy baptized me with night, blessing me with jazz, filling my cup in City Park where benches hold court and whispered spirits and suitcases full of dreams speak the Creole with gumbo warming the soul as I wander to through Jackson Square and past magnolias where … More THE GOTS


His sound developed out of water, dripping like icing from cakes; sweet liquid fingers anger the gods. Flat oceans hold a deep energy he draws from, like waves rushing over unbelieving eyes, salting the pain onto cellophane skin where it all shouts release. Rocks cool from scattered rain, where spots join into a gloss as … More CELLOPHANE SKIN


I see the remembers, with alleys dark and garbage can cats jumping a jive like horns and drums busting a beat at Tin Pan corners where neon’s red and blue point to the apples best and brightest jazz long into a night that got no end, only beginnings, striking out a rhythm busting into the … More THE ONLY APPLE