TODAY’S MASK     It stands again.  The opening of day.  Clothes fashioned in dreams, purchased in the dawn of shadowed choices.  We awake in aspirations.  Forged in tosses and turns.  We fill our hair from a shower to wash the sleep out. We transfer to the towel unused and excess water.  The song of … More TODAY’S MASK


Puddles drip out and dry into a better day.   Dragon flies circle with a thousand Searching eyes into a curving blue sky.   Swift currents of morning words stream Past, holding the shadows of another day.   Pointing fingers, the spiders of pain and arrows loosed, fall hard on the faces of war.   … More ANOTHER CHANCE


A muted curtain competed with the between of night and dawn. Gray shadows were swept from the space of dark as the fading insolence fought against the change, pressing time for one more second; though none existed.   Hilltops and oceans welcome the hours of light before their overwhelming greatness appears as ominous gray ghosts … More NIGHT INTO DAWN


The music released with a slow gravity against the weight of a dusky room. The record player, a wooden box with antique charm, scratched out a song of weeping blues as the needle traveled the grooves, circling, advancing, calling for hands to clap and feet to walk lightly. The music penetrated the gray of morning … More NEW DAY