That piano man.  Unlocking keys with his finger.  Breaking down doors into the light of song.  His head pulses with beat.  Shoulders sway like ocean waves bringing the high tide of song to the shoreline of crowds.   The sound is a wind he creates.  Escaping the bonds of different voices where into one moment … More PLAY THROUGH


The vestibule reacted with a swirling of music; hands clapping, people opening with generosity of song.  The stone floor echoed like a thousand flat stones skipping on smooth waters.  Leaded colored glass spread its glow across filled pews. Words of faith warmed the room. Emotions resembled a layer of deep water, solid and without interruption. … More TOGETHER


There was a breath of bad jazz.  Dark curtains frosted over.  The jams Of songs fled from the fingers to the valves on the horn. “Where comes the sound?”  People nearby wondered.  The air became frantic With cut notes.   Fractured and scratched from the blood of soul and sand, where his life lay exposed … More OPEN WIND


A guitar fills a soft space between soul and need releasing petals of sound merging into the blood of day.   Wounds are healed within the weave of notes closing out loss strengthening bones and heart with growth.   The sounds continue, watering unfolding blossoms as darkness retreats.   The guitar soothes the moment, opening … More UNFOLDING


His hand slapped the backside of the bass while busy fingers snapped alive the strings into music words he whispers during dreams. When he’s half way around the world he knows he’s finally half way home. Curtains of clouds guide his direction past empty diners and towns without smiles. He never feels lost when on … More BLACK SHOES


Swirling dust rose from a wide parking lot as cars found space. Weary visitors and neighbors headed for the front door of The Guitar Road House. Music greeted them along with flies buzzing and fumes from beer and roasted chicken. The language of hard branded music covered the floor and walls as fingers tapped and … More FRIDAY NIGHT


Shadowed images crowd deep into him releasing the engine of his drive; rough breathing scrambles onto walls of dreams where innocence covers sin   His jazz is wind. A coursing of multiple gusts turns heads while capturing idle thoughts.   He stirs under covers of restless sleep. Nightmares call him by name. A cutting moon … More DREAMS ALIVE


A full puff of air filled my sail lifting the need of my soul pushing me with lovers hands into up and over settling into my ears oiling my breathing parts nurturing me with the strength of a rushing train heavy on metal tracks rolling with running blowing steam crazy with sound grabbing the crowd … More CRAZY WITH SOUND


A gypsy vagabond of notes, refreshing like spring rain, lifted up with the fragrance from warm roads mixed with cut grass, a moment alive with sound from angels as the piano created a language, familiar to itself yet unknowing to many nearby, listening as they would a speech dry from paper, lifeless, missing the fluid … More IVORY FINGERS