a life in parenthesis   brittle remembrances of unlimited space, beyond the moon   considering which dreams to hold which mountains to avoid and roads to release   there were winds in full flight, an opus with voices, thin like the pages of a book dripping letters, forming words   a balance between a breath … More OVERLOOKED TRAVELER


I keep meeting myself in circles, bumping into the back of me where I anxiously push but fail to gain passage; I am subject to my slow going   A turnstile of arms walls against me. The success of passing one leaves another in the width of my path; always a barrier.   The ingredients … More MY CIRCLES


We are water in a great river. Each with a clock buried deep within as we search for a place not yet seen.   We move in flocks and herds, down roads without numbers, climbing stairs to doors unfamiliar.   There is a calling within a few. A message scrawled on the heart, a word … More RUNNING THE RACE


Wall shadows of arms and legs randomly move about, voices flat and muted while hurrying past, each arriving someplace only they know.   From a thick leather chair I observe the appetite of the city, sensing their anxious thirst to achieve that which was greater than yesterday.   Rising from within the masses comes city … More A LOW GROWL


I know a road of dust and wind, open at both ends, encouraging dreamers and people with maps who set out to far places, never sure when they’ve arrived.   I look both ways at the distance equal to the left and right where footsteps mark a passing along with a horse and dog.   … More UP AHEAD