Railroad Avenue. Cinders and broken glass. Warm engines blowing smoke. Old men with hats, suspenders, stained work boots and pants. Great stories of Louisiana bayous, marshlands, mountains and oceans. Empty freight cars transporting lost souls and homeless dreams. Wooden platforms, benches carved with names.  Trackside families. Steady work. Scars and sweat. Creosote … More MEMORY GHOST


She pressed forward, altering the flow of gravity with radical changes as if peddling backward on life. She fought hard, creating the forward motion of a legacy, determined with destiny. It was a fight against the current; moving under bridges and over mountains. Her emotions were handpicked, fresh from yesterday’s stories. She would say, “I … More DETERMINED


Stop signs with bullet holes and a broken billboard oversee a wide intersection where the desert has no friends.  Roadside trash lay mangled under scrub brush.  Rain has no business here.  Insects run safely across the road; shade belongs someplace else. Lightening scrapes a distant mountain top. Sheets of blue rain find someplace else to … More KEEP ON WALKING


Water.  An ancient sound. A motion, falling, moving, Colliding, turning.  A color with aroma.  Bending in search of a lower level.  Respecting the language of gravity, yielding to its pull.   Shorelines hold back aggressive waters.  Mountains remain safe. Valleys fear the worst.   Rivers build like armies from the smallest of streams, following paths … More TURNING THE CORNER


The wind was running straight, ignoring curves and shadows and roads without shoulders. Mountains barely visible expanded the horizon as mist faded under a morning sun.   The day was a schedule of untried options while stretching under a twenty four hour clock, releasing yesterday and welcoming today.   There are no chances lost or … More A NEW START


There is a rent paid over oceans and mountains. An act of homage and humility in the breath of seasons where impartial acts always remember the order of respect.   It’s the covering of grief. The answer to prayers. The sound of delight, though too much is just too much.   It has a song. … More RESPECT


 The oil of dark turned quiet. The gears of dusk pulled kneeling clouds to lay their praying hands over valleys where evening oddly fits like a puzzle.   The sun yields to a purple sky. Flags of death witness horizons loss of youth.   A cool brush of wind closes in around. Fields accept curtains … More NIGHT ENTERS


A frontier of waves with form breasted my ankles with coolness borne from dark fathoms. Water and foam spread like dust on the shoreline where it flows blue and green over sand broken from ancient mountains. The aroma of tumbling water runs strong over me; a ripe fruit unchallenged. Threads of a blue heaven hold the … More CLEAN