spider stars high above   suspended glory drawing my eyes to swim up within cool clean air receiving forgiveness as everything opens up and moonlight falls back onto my face I realize I am a hermit visitor within a moving universe  


  walking a path where moonlight follows   breezes brush against the edge of curiosity   a reminder that phantoms are shadows with voices revealing everything once tried and those feelings avoided   afraid of loving afraid of losing   haunting the inner soul    


silent moonlight brushes silver over my face, as I gaze into infinity of dark the beginning without a bottom.   stars compete for my eyes with hanging diamonds and heavens beyond look back at me   man in the moon full of cheese, a wink and a half a carpet of chrome       … More MY MOON


I stand on the shoreline of the ocean small palpable waves feed on my ankles as dusk yields to night   a sound clear as spring windows tilts toward me showering me in the center of a nightly orchestra   I wonder looking around if anyone nearby senses the blessing from the air or am … More MOONLIGHT SONG


The gates stood tall. Imposing to mortals. Neoclassical lions guarded the sides of the entrance; inanimate yet fearsome. Shrubbery thick like bears bristled under wide armed pine boughs. Thick veins of ivy crawled randomly upward, daring the foolish for a climb. Mercury moonlight slipped through thin clouds, forming gray shadows across an organic surface. A … More DEAD END


A seclusion moon splits between clouds, sheading onto flat fields, fence posts and tombstones. A feather soft wind song plays the leaves. Birds cease their inflight bickering. Stars reflect around the edges of sleeping lily pads. A prevailing mist covers everything like gauze, draping over stonewalls and stiff brush topped ferns. The echo of an … More COLD HANDS


Moonlight folded the letter of day into an evening verse. Clouds tumble out of the way, soon absorbed into a clear sky where crystal stars own the distance.   Underfoot, there is a carpet of moisture on the grass, marked by footsteps leading there and away.   Evergreens send out a crisp aroma. Dew glitters … More WATER DROPS


A white curtain moon held firm The center of a dark night. An immense canopy of darkness Grasped the eyes of the living and the dead. The shadows of night slip through picket fences Disturbing only the mist and while stepping Over sleeping dogs. A church bell calls night to order. A lone bird lifts … More NIGHT SHADOWS


The sound of newness lingered. The stem of an autumn leaf resisted its position of a summer passed. Voices within the winds slipped over branches like silver moonlight defying the eye of morning. August roots fail against the appetite of September and the cloak of October. Cool winds move in, forcing doors to close. The … More CHANGE