cloud swells, mist like gauze floating, shades of unknown grays,   long weather in a disturbed sky obstructs the horizon   birds angle a quick path, people long step to shelter in   the air becomes a quiet numbness   the evidence of change begins, with a single drop of rain


Winds circle wheat tops twisting stems into spasms like thieves running over dried leaves and dead branches   sunshine strikes window surfaces when passing clouds allow percussion’s of light to pass around dense mist   the ground thirsts for rain the blood of soil      


She was leaving. Standing nervous at the bus station. A black misty night blocked out stars and formed halos around street lights. An announcement beckoned her ticket to the waiting bus. She straightened up, startled, pony tail swaying and saddle shoes moving in the direction of her escape. Travelers boarded in silence and then awkwardly … More ESCAPE


The wind was running straight, ignoring curves and shadows and roads without shoulders. Mountains barely visible expanded the horizon as mist faded under a morning sun.   The day was a schedule of untried options while stretching under a twenty four hour clock, releasing yesterday and welcoming today.   There are no chances lost or … More A NEW START


A seclusion moon splits between clouds, sheading onto flat fields, fence posts and tombstones.  A feather soft wind song plays the leaves.  Birds cease their inflight bickering.  Stars reflect around the edges of sleeping lily pads.  A prevailing mist covers everything like gauze, draping over stonewalls and stiff brush topped ferns. The echo of an … More COLD HANDS