I felt the water clock hold sentence over me.  Dribbling out good, bad, indifference and sincerity. Its pendulum was silent, though refreshing me with reminders like a mirror reflecting the truth. Every experience has weight; the winning, losing, success and luck. We balance them until it tips. The result of results are unspoken for. … More END AROUND


  We are fleeting reflections in the stream of air rushing over us. We hear and feel the song of time; the metronome counting minutes, becoming years. We see our image, the branch of a greater tree; its roots mark a beginning of a not so distant past. There is a failing as we grow; … More MOVING FORWARD


Mirrors spy on the eyes, drawing them to the vortices of reflection; celebrating the good, condemning the faults. Each glance a smile or frown, changing the weather of the heart into storms or sun; the soul of self, shoulders up to the day. Like the surety of high winds aloft the image we see is … More MERCY