candlelit shadows collide as hands reach and then withdraw in the room upstairs soaked with comfortable aromas and layers of dust where men with rough shirts and weathered hands toss dice at the crease of wall and floor smoking cigarettes speaking softly when the dice bite back or rise for the moment with luck


Into the desert. Road signs peppered like a wasteland war. The air is solid with evenings coolness stepping in. Jack rabbits feet sing out an escape, hoping for luck. A lunar terrain, scattered with hungry plants and starving weeds.   The sun fell into a distant comfortable corner. Stars hold their distance, offering an occasional … More PASSING THROUGH


We are unpredictable.  Like the dripping of water, each different from the previous drop.  We hold the patent on our first breath, first step and an ocean of random words.  We sing off key.  Band-Aid bloodless relationships. Mail envelopes to ourselves.  Find favor with an enemy.  Hold tight the rope to the bell tower.   … More BALL OF TWINE