She is an open field   a spirit cloud of linen   a breath between waiting   the shades of trial and error   a host of tumbling thoughts   her prayers offered without answers   hidden in rhymes and verse   she falls into waiting arms like a fear captured    


The favor of rain washed the city. Wandering masquerades of hats and umbrellas blossom the storm. Vehicle horns curse the air.  Sewer covers are the genius of casual art work.  Steam pipes eject from below the devils exhaust.  Puddles reflect the sky, passing tires shatter the image. Linens smoothly wave themselves dry. A cat warms … More A FULL WASH


Red and orange table linens stir from breezes sweeping up from a channel leading to the ocean. A quiet seaside town, the homes favoring cubist inspired designs, once glorious, bathe under a lapis lazuli limitless sky. Courtyards painted blue and yellow welcome visitors into cool vestibules for drinks and fresh fruit. There is an unspoken … More FAVORED WINDS