Always looking for the next bus that would take him to where he belongs   not sure which direction and weather has no say   traveling with a good hat and short story secrets, the ones unable to explain with just one line   roads have adopted him pushing him beyond crossroads     cant … More ONE DAY



Open boxcars men failed at chance broken families seasons to forget miles separate the pain turned up collars faded jeans empty pockets soft eyes yesterdays meal from garbage cans behind a diner at a river town   bayous and bridges sand and deserts push on engines running hot grease and creosote luck long gone past … More RUNNING AWAY


Leaving finds the life in an area of away where strength of a single candled spirit is encouraged to move forward at the crossroad   there is stumbling because of the unexplained the unexpected and loss of protection when finally breaking away yet divided   you continue the journey knowing it is right  


There’s a chance to enter forgot. A way to avoid being found. To disconnect. To welcome the cold over a warm coat while standing with alone.   It’s also a place for a rescue from flavored languages the last bus home while leaving behind suspicious glances, worn velvet movie seats and a three legged cat … More SPARKY


She was leaving. Standing nervous at the bus station. A black misty night blocked out stars and formed halos around street lights. An announcement beckoned her ticket to the waiting bus. She straightened up, startled, pony tail swaying and saddle shoes moving in the direction of her escape. Travelers boarded in silence and then awkwardly … More ESCAPE


I see visions of tomorrow. Clubs with open doors, red seats and low smoky lights; melting drinks and bowls of peanuts. Freight trains rumble by with freeloaders hanging on as winds rustle their shirts and jackets and hair without hats.   Fast talking and slow moving salesmen hawk everything, especially what they don’t own.  Kids … More NEVER FAILS


Shadowy unruly pendants; the tales of fate misguided, the language of drowning without answers. Like potted houseplants turning into the sun, people wait for that taste of a good watering.   Every corner holds the treasure for an attempted escape. A piano without tune falls silent. A ceiling fan spins out of boredom.  A floor … More NO HARM IN LEAVING


He found the door with hands like arrows. He escaped into a cold breathing wind where his footsteps moved in long strides past idle trees waiting for a season To wake them up he walked briskly onto a field cleared of stones by hands long turned to dust as he moved away into shadows under … More JUST MOVING


I vision a place safe without loss, the beginning of new, the opening on all sides where anyone can relax and sing. It’s a shadow of a place, harbored beyond envy and hate, turmoil and strife. It’s the next train with an open boxcar.  A bus sounding loud on a dusty road.  A car with … More OUT THERE


Years of herself filled up into her eyes; a flood of voices speaking her name. Over a back fence she sees a path leading away; looking hard with passion, the steps in her shoes hold the line. She points as if with a dieing hand to a hill, a place of memories holding tight to … More A NEED