A curious wind turned turned the pages living in residence within me   paper thoughts and pictures of me tumbled from within as a familiar history unfolded with faces of laughter and others suffering in pain   the binding of truth and fiction is strong forming a web holding the center of the story firm … More MY PAGES


She possessed a doubtful overture of laughter like an inner shadow shielding pain   when speaking with passion she covered her heart as if preventing it from being captured by worldly pursuers   she rarely spoke of holy things, only then, a half smile   when bored she gazed about slipping away with a faint … More MOSAIC


Is it an instrument of the heart? That upward curvaceous crescent, the outward personal presentation, the deliverer of mirth, and the creator of forming a phrase while often connected to a laugh. Where does the smile start?  Maybe in the the hallways of the pituitary.  Or coaxed out from a hidden place. For some a … More A SMILE