A lost calling. The seasons changing without notice. A misplacement of the misplaced; The Beat Generation. They were crusaders of the word; always someplace and never without cool. Shirts and shoes unrequired from San Francisco to West 46th Street. Their pain was locked in the fists of their resistance. Eyes deaf toward the average, they … More WHERE ARE THEY?


The stage is ablaze with cigarette smoke. Brass finger keys howl from the sax man tapping gold from Gabriel’s horn. Alley cats sing the nine lives to back room shadows where Tom Waits breaks the words from jumbled unwashed dreams and Ginsberg works the beast from his pen while Kerouac reaches for starry nights over … More RELEASING WORDS


CONSTANT FORCES Treasures uncovered, delights hidden, musicians in motion, gates and shadows, unwelcome guests, changing tides, angels without wings, heaven understanding, rain and mud, wandering shoes, bouquets welcome, youth rejects fear, a jewel covered, crestfallen heroes, tomorrow becomes history. secrets of death, roads without shoulders, curves with weight, the yeast of gold, unwilling words, Kerouac’s … More CONSTANT FORCES


KEROUAC’S ROOM         A brown box radio plays scratchy songs into a room where outside neon lights breathe a fuzzy hum of blue and red through weathered curtains as the river far below rumbles deep past the town covered in soot as he groans out a snappy beat on a pawn shop … More KEROUAC’S ROOM