He was a mountain of few words a river flowing through the house, mostly out. Conversations were awkward creating uncomfortable moments, too many to count. His love was his work a place he escaped to without guilt of leaving those behind, considering it his duty; I knew he would rather be somewhere else. He grew … More MY FATHER


A wide meandering path leads to an abandoned great house.  An iron gate, twisted with rust, separates the perimeter of the property from the outside world. Debris of various sorts lay scattered on the weed infested lawn along with seasons of leaves and broken branches. Half buried prehistoric boulders, the other half in China, rise … More KEEP OUT


It was a grand road leading to the great house.  Ancient trees lined the way.  Their size were remarkable.  Wide thick branches traversed to the other side, collaborating in a mixed entanglement of deciduous matter.  The road became diluted under the strength of the boughs and surrounding fragrances.  Deeper into the passage the car emerged … More BEYOND SHADOWS