OVERVIEW     the moon commands highways of ocean currents   forming waves   those momentary curled masses of random strength splashing languages onto ancient shorelines from somewhere deep   creating footprints during the highs and lows                        


Coasting on the thought highway searching for someplace else the chance to belong to soften the stubbornness of a granite heart   it’s a wintry night in summer while considering weak memories under cloudy skies   a full darkness holds the safety net where dreams are stolen from shadows as we try to breathe life … More FINDING A WAY


Sometimes a desert a dirt road off the highway a carpet of sand lifeless weeds twisted barbwire arroyos, tumble weeds and road signs shot to death   wishing for something new doesn’t exist here no prayers or supplications on this level ground of desperate and forgotten   speak of this place with respect its revenge … More BACKUP


Warm desert winds coarse wildly through open car windows on a highway past abandoned gas stations and dirt roads leading to somewhere. The driver owns one sweat stained shirt absent of buttons and ripped jeans. He carries a history of miles.  Never reads road signs, just turns when he wants, passing towns he may have … More HEADING SOUTH


It was the night highway. A place between diners.  Where neon signs slept and traffic didn’t exist; an area absent of social politeness. A place where answers came from dreams and shadows had influence.  Where empty lots and lost dogs crowded near the last highway sign.   Drive on while tires turn the miles like … More NO STOPPING


Go, just drive and let the warm air fiddle fast with my hair blowing it wild like the branches passing overhead while the roll of the tires tracks miles of distance from where I started to an unknown destination down the road just out of sight from here but where I should be as the … More JUST DRIVE


Between rooms 3 and 4, cornered in tight, blinking randomly and humming a fat motor tune is the soda machine at the highway 5 motel.   Trucks run the road, their tires singing for home. Horns beep on frontage roads, where cars park and threats are heard.   A warm day slips into passing, opening … More HIGHWAY 5