A meadow of stars shined brightly into forevermore where a a small portion of night was pushed aside into a cold place before darkness reclaimed the sky.   I start to count the rubies and diamonds above, surrendering my numbers to the dots pasted onto infinity canvas.   The lights of a great city offers … More HIGHWAY SKY


A river of stairs high above in a galaxy of streams beyond the reach of tearful upturned eyes fails to provoke an affect on order or direction within the heavens.   Shadowed gray night images slip between fences and past angry sleeping dogs while pleadings and unanswered prayers attract angels waiting for words that act … More UPTURNED


There’s a star up there next to the one on the left. Each night, when clouds find favor to be somewhere else, I witness the diamond chip, flashing its carats into my curiosity.   Brighter than backyard lights, higher than my sisters hair, it lounges as if glued just beyond my reach.   The perfect … More UP THERE