falling knives and unmarked graves suspicious eyes serpents and fire cold scales, warm venom on the desert floor as day heat fails to night cold and folds of winds usher in cool flat air like ankle deep water and the pull of tides you run for life with busy feet crossing to safety on the … More DESERT SHORT CUT


Coolness of night is the heat of music   ripples of song wash against the shoreline of ears abandoned to the will of music and whiskey   the unreliable are drawn into convincing eyes absorbed within the web, a wicked spell they accept   ugly crazy lights flash, freezing frames without motion   the club … More NO WHERE CLUB


The desert curls itself up flat at night   an uncaring landscape off sand and spiders   day’s heat retreats into silence, leaving behind a numbing cold   cacti stand guard over nothing   snakes slither into holes under useless rocks   scavenger animals prowl without much to show   the terrain is life without … More STAY AWAY


Next door mumbled thoughts leak through cracked plaster into my stale air   fevered dark shades of anger rise like storms born of heat then coldly pass   blinking neon breathing lights flash to the wall soundless and dead   hidden pipes suffer with song like tenors coaxing tears out of the weak


A sandy path boarded by rose bushes. A curved half black dome above, painted with stars from distant galaxies. Up ahead, flames from a bonfire beckon us closer. The heat presses us when we are several feet from its heart.  Blankets with lovers and friends gather. Sparks explode into cool air, fighting to remain alive … More DANCING SHADOWS


A high heat pushed roadway lines sideways. Crowds trample the streets as they pull themselves toward a destination within a sea of shoulders and elbows.   Fire escapes spread waffle slanted shadows onto faded bricks. A radio pushes static into an alley where a man sleeps near dented garbage cans releasing the aroma of yesterday. … More EYES OPEN


A morning’s mad swirl in the heavens opened to an infinity blue sky. The suns hardened steel and lack of compassion spread a wide blanket of heat. Dogs sought shelter. Umbrellas create a walking shade. Dusty curtains attempted to block the incessant light. An army of sunglasses walked tormented paths.   Everyone feels the growth of … More THE HEAT OF IT


The desert is fevered in heat. Dry without compassion. Life on the edge of edges. A moment in the sun risks everything. The temperature is a million candles, burning sand into glass. There is no running.  Breathing is labored.  Hats fail at being hats. Desert sound is silent at night. Flying creatures move without friction. … More LIFE OF DESERT