The vestibule reacted with a swirling of music; hands clapping, people opening with generosity of song.  The stone floor echoed like a thousand flat stones skipping on smooth waters.  Leaded colored glass spread its glow across filled pews. Words of faith warmed the room. Emotions resembled a layer of deep water, solid and without interruption. … More TOGETHER


Whispers become twisted words within the shadows of curtains; the uncertainty of thoughts.   Fields are full of stonewalls. Like good works stacked unevenly; boasting and chest thumping.   Each day confirms the grace we have received to welcome the certainty of who we are.


  …And at that moment, that final moment, I’ll consciously grieve for those suffering with tears and long memories.   …And words of praise will be released from loving hearts that will casually drift into the laps of angels.   …And when finally called to his side in thankful praise my lips will speak of … More THAT FINAL MOMENT


Fortitude builds virtue against the recklessness of the day, as the walls before us wait for our first move. Beyond the obstacles there’s  a voice of reason, a manifest to renew, another chance to begin. Stand fast, hold to the surety of your heart with your family on higher ground. The war drums sit close, … More WARFARE


Were under the burden of interpretation, the active vibrations of great intent, prodding us to reach beyond borders into a new season where treasures open the door to comfort. The space of time transcends our thoughts.  We wonder, as always, the plan; the place we belong in the hours of our day. A few of … More TIME AND SPACE


The power of the drive is interest. A formidable presence.  Creating an iron path.  Bold expressions. The energy of engines.  The length without loss.  Full with release. Disproving disbelief.  Strength with compassion.  Concern and respect.  Honor with honor. Listening without speaking. Holding not hiding.  A hand without greed. A comment without wounding. Quiet not arrogant.  … More HOME


Dawn drops the hammer on the last intersection of day.  A star curtain drapes itself over a thin blue canopy. Tasteful air rushes in to become the last act. Stories told grow tall with unnatural lies, encouraging events that didn’t happen until reality calls us out from the bench, waiting to see if we melt … More REALITY STRIKES


Breathing into a magnolia sweet evening a cello weeps from an apartment; late persistent summer clouds flatten under an orange-blue horizon. The air divides as the sound walks over tired curtains and past yellow chipped paint, descending to an alley absent of life, canvassing garbage cans and locked back doors. A hallway fills with music … More CALM WATERS


Charcoal thoughts spill across river deep eyes. The flow of strong vision grasps at the promise of  angels with empty pockets. Whispers lift into voices, like ribbons trailing behind youthful smiles and hope abounding. A song rises into a chorus of winds, spreading out like well worn paths. Time releases the face of change.  The … More CHANGING


The factory.  River water pushes in electric out.  Stoic faces, busy hands, leaning forward, tools clanking, assembly lines organizing, textiles, metals, lathes and labor, pallets and wire. Row houses, red brick, open windows, curtains lipping the corners, pipes with steam, chimneys black belching, parking lots and fences, green service doors, fans spinning, workers in overalls, … More MILL TOWN