It’s a long whistle putting the hand on men and women as the earth tilts pulling them past open wooden doors into the maze of machinery where generations stood and counted hours and years until the next bodies of youth replaced names on lockers and punch clock numbers as the work produced exceeded the quality … More MACHINE SHOP


A generation of beginnings the waters of creation wrung from opening souls like coded scripture, a blossoming without restriction deeply rooted without withdrawing perusing the work accepting success never yielding breaking from common people endurance and strength the need to share the heart to open the chance to improve.      


A low lazy fan struggles through thick humid air; the blades ache with unbalanced rotation. Large dark inviting leather chairs back up to marble pillars in the lobby. They wait like flytraps for listless visitors, absorbing skeletal souls into bottomless comfort. Outside equatorial winds briskly rustle about leaves, ladies hats and satin scarfs. Kenya is … More KENYA