That’s my star   seasons change alignment but its always there   night clouds hide its face thunderstorms try to wash it away but its still there   clear nights smile me wide within horizons depth standing in the usual place, its always there   security in my eyes faith in my heart, I look … More ALWAYS


A sandy path boarded by rose bushes. A curved half black dome above, painted with stars from distant galaxies. Up ahead, flames from a bonfire beckon us closer. The heat presses us when we are several feet from its heart.  Blankets with lovers and friends gather. Sparks explode into cool air, fighting to remain alive … More DANCING SHADOWS


Street lights sign in as dusk resigns to darkness. Scattered shadows of leaves dance on midnight sidewalks. Homes sleep in silence.  Dark breezes lift curtain edges, creating life from worn cloth. Porch lights dot the galaxy of streets. Picket fences keep strangers away but ghosts pass through freely. A train whistle, distant yet sharp, bleeds … More MIDNIGHT


There was a silence unbroken when midnight had passed. The street, the town, all quiet like a rock.  Above, a black horizon dotted with unnamed galaxies. I point out the stars with my finger as I surrender a warm breath into a cool evening; it fades slowly while joining dark fathoms.  My steps draw a … More ALMOST THERE


There’s a star up there next to the one on the left. Each night, when clouds find favor to be somewhere else, I witness the diamond chip, flashing its carats into my curiosity.   Brighter than backyard lights, higher than my sisters hair, it lounges as if glued just beyond my reach.   The perfect … More UP THERE