the whereabouts of being unknown on a traveled road with curves and long straights   walking a town, suspicious eyes whispers and turns brother can you spare, where the diner is?   a meal like others, garnished with haste to the road outside that knows my name   we are friends  


the gravity of shadows is a novelty of brilliance a triumph conquering all surfaces clinging with conscious desire following colliding passing over never complaining faithful right to the end


…the beginning of finding the step left behind the curtain untouched the magic uncovered   there’s a long walk without reason or direction   a time buried in alone   a door offering release   questions fill the pockets answers hope for friends   search is the escape from the crossroads   a subtle direction … More TODAY…OR TOMORROW


Stop signs with bullet holes and a broken billboard oversee a wide intersection where the desert has no friends.  Roadside trash lay mangled under scrub brush.  Rain has no business here.  Insects run safely across the road; shade belongs someplace else. Lightening scrapes a distant mountain top. Sheets of blue rain find someplace else to … More KEEP ON WALKING


His guitar had a better voice and face.  He played out the words like a sweet dessert.  Pain and loss was his shirt and untied shoes, pasted to a long and light frame. He washes his beard in the rain. Clouds are his blankets and the ground his pillow where dreams fade away. There’s a … More WITHOUT HOME


There’s a star up there next to the one on the left. Each night, when clouds find favor to be somewhere else, I witness the diamond chip, flashing its carats into my curiosity.   Brighter than backyard lights, higher than my sisters hair, it lounges as if glued just beyond my reach.   The perfect … More UP THERE


A metal framed door, thick with chicken wire glass, opens with a rusty song as midnight patrons scuff over a black and white cracked tile floor landing in a corner booth.   Familiar faces, hard eyes, hats tipped, faded shirts and untied sneakers whisper crackling news of cellophane stories into leaning ears anxious for unhinged … More WHY HERE


Off balanced laboring fans push diner air onto walls stained yellow.   Customers lean over tables, whispering, pointing fingers and then laughing, breaking into the clatter of plates and silverware.   Waitress’ weave around tables delivering the beginning of meals.   Counter people nod to the cook who prepares their regular.   The door opens. … More GOOD COMPANY


Day yielded unwillingly to a shower of gray sky where stars faintly blink for attention.   We sat on a rock by the sea, its warmth reminded us of a cloudless August day. Receding emerald green waves wash over sand and shells releasing whispering sandpaper voices into the salt air we breathe.   Our words … More ALWAYS MINE