A great wind like the son of a hurricane stretching before landfall befell on a grand tree of long life and shadow falling into the limbs of its equal laying across its arms like a wounded soldier still full and alive but slowly bleeding   the overgrowth of the underbrush below welcomed its eventual descent … More OPEN ARMS



              I saw a winking moon hide behind kingly pines   where silence finds comfort in darkened leaning shadows   and silver liquid beams slipped through thick boughs.   Round and full faced that hanging around moon delivers light to forest paths guiding my way.   Promising me a … More WINKING MOON


I AM NEAR       Nestled behind a row of kingly pines a winking moon steps between branches where silence finds comfort in darkened angles and leaning shadows.   Jagged lunar light crosses over paths. The wind is silent, adding to night’s strength.   I am alighted in the direction of home. My boots … More I AM NEAR