the language of keys in the lock,   an abrupt shutting signaling the adult force   he opens a cabinet, the refrigerator mumbles a few words   shuts the cellar door then moves with a slow steady gait, heavy and sure   hands sliding over the walls by habit   his shadow on the hallway … More HE WAS HOME


deep river an undisturbed surface an inner turbulence   a train without stop the collision of waters the movement of stones and debris, sheltered until exiled to a new under surface   depths without light silt from unnamed layers a force casually breaking everything and all things in the path, not in anger just the … More CASUALLY MOVING


Everything needs to be blocked out   all sounds that have nothing to do with what’s before me   others have their callings places they worship distant precipices or deserts   but here I am selfishly willfully yielding my attention   I am haunted by the aroma and authority the force lurking below the surface … More HAUNTED


The power of the drive is interest. A formidable presence.  Creating an iron path.  Bold expressions. The energy of engines.  The length without loss.  Full with release. Disproving disbelief.  Strength with compassion.  Concern and respect.  Honor with honor. Listening without speaking. Holding not hiding.  A hand without greed. A comment without wounding. Quiet not arrogant.  … More HOME