Backyard hideaway supporting wings of travel flags turned flat and straight clouds above roll out mercy while angels move swiftly overhead as the earth continues to turn underneath those in need   where wishes find passage into the softness of the praying soul discovering gold under the diamonds of eyes full of promise.    


The fast trade of winds. Thoughtless testimonials lacking courage.  Broad strokes of bravery hold fast against the enemy even when the heart suggests other courses of action.   Few know how to step forward. Dedication is the future from those who have marched before us, holding tight the banner, raising the flag; the common voice … More OUR BEST STEP


The power of the drive is interest. A formidable presence.  Creating an iron path.  Bold expressions. The energy of engines.  The length without loss.  Full with release. Disproving disbelief.  Strength with compassion.  Concern and respect.  Honor with honor. Listening without speaking. Holding not hiding.  A hand without greed. A comment without wounding. Quiet not arrogant.  … More HOME