REGAL MOMENT     The hawk fearless aerial troubadour a solitary soldier overseeing conquering the air circling silently feathers against the sky bending into the curves observing the ground one within the currents patience unequaled dutiful to hereditary and family owning the right moment descending with accurate speed securing the ability to succeed Advertisements


What do you have that would remain behind to explain the person you were? The books you read or the places visited? What would family and friends say regarding your character, honesty or faithfulness? Is there something you’ve accomplished that would convince them to hold you in high esteem or just a shadow once removed? … More REMEMBERING


At the end of the driveway, a sycamore stands. Grounded, pealing gray with white flesh underneath; a sentinel spreading branches over our coming and going. Its roots, deeper than the vision of my eyes and the life of my family. Its summer shade cools our heads, tanned arms and busy hands. Grand and stately, a … More DRIVEWAYS END