before evening there’s an afternoon asleep   a recipe of gathering, irresponsibility   street corners the city breathes then exhales a boxcar moaning steel   old faces disturbed that youth is wasted as age burns the fire out then points to the past laughing infrequently wondering what’s left   digging into empty pockets   going … More THAT WAY


a gust of evening wind cools the skin while I follow a path beneath pine boughs and their sweet aroma   an opening light of the moon brushes past mists of ghosts   stars appear like diamond footsteps pointing toward home as night follows close by my side


The world past the front porch, watching the same clouds set in the magic of the sky   prayers lift up from swings and wicker chairs escaping through tired screens   cars passing know only of roads, the next corner the direction home or close to it   train whistles cross over buildings and empty … More SWING ON


Ripples of shadows crossed the field, like racers to the finish.  Birds of all sizes cut corners above the willowy weeds. Moths dared themselves into the air to a line of trees.  A thin dew spread evenly over leaves and brush.  The change from day to dusk moved within the sky. Small creatures scurried swiftly … More EVENING CANVAS


I have a legend with the road. A connection with dust from parking lots and narrow alleys.  I know something about flat tires and vacant store fronts where change and loss hold onto empty.  Faraway places never consider these places.  A suffering evening sky labors at placing stars into night. Mountain shadows, appearing like sleeping … More ANOTHER PLACE


His words were a smooth oil, a salve to the faint.  Though wronged in the past, he forgave.  Moved on, removing walls of hurt to reach beyond. When speaking he releases part of himself, filling others with hope, never running out of the light within.  He often says, “Life is too rich to keep it … More SOMEONE


The month of June holds steady the threshold of summer as we move joyously away from winters grasp.   The sun sets a late table; evening shadows sharp and long. Fading footprints on the sand possess the dreams of day. Beach roses close out with respect. Day lilies die with night. Screen doors welcome visitors. … More PREVAILING WINDS


A quiet horizon slowly absorbs a flat bronze evening sky, its edges melting into a dusky mist.   There were no low rumbles or gusts of wind or clouds forming and reforming; a weighted silence pressed down onto a solemn ground.   It was a moment of looking up, Wondering what would be next. Preparing … More NIGHT QUIET


Moonlight folded the letter of day into an evening verse. Clouds tumble out of the way, soon absorbed into a clear sky where crystal stars own the distance.   Underfoot, there is a carpet of moisture on the grass, marked by footsteps leading there and away.   Evergreens send out a crisp aroma. Dew glitters … More WATER DROPS


I got out the big car, the flashy one where your absorbed into the soul of your seat. We turn on the black roads with no names past road signs peppered with bullet holes and other signs pointing each way to towns and places somewhere to go.   The moon plasters a gray canvas like … More THE BIG CAR