Leaving finds the life in an area of away where strength of a single candled spirit is encouraged to move forward at the crossroad   there is stumbling because of the unexplained the unexpected and loss of protection when finally breaking away yet divided   you continue the journey knowing it is right  


There’s an island I feel in my dreams. A safe current with abundant sun, providing energy without resistance. An open front door offers promise. A bouquet of flowers sits on a hallway table; circling white fans refresh incoming ocean breezes. White sands encourage me and waves orchestrate a welcome. I walk into the water as … More THIS PLACE


His words were a smooth oil, a salve to the faint.  Though wronged in the past, he forgave.  Moved on, removing walls of hurt to reach beyond. When speaking he releases part of himself, filling others with hope, never running out of the light within.  He often says, “Life is too rich to keep it … More SOMEONE