there’s a desert on the edge of the last thought or spoken word   a mystery wide and full like a blue Egyptian sky or the walls of Babylon   a whisper of an answer a tear caught within a lie   a song without words safe and attached  


She held the stage hostage, holding tightly the neck of the microphone like a thief attempting escape. She commands the air before her, opening a path to waiting ears. Her mascara is pointed like an Egyptian Princess.  Her lips possess the strength to break hearts.  Her smile is a strand of rare pearls. There are … More SMOKEY LIGHTS


Gypsy soft shoes drift through the shadows of a campfire. Egyptian blue shirts and lime orange slippers dance in circles, forcing the excited sparks higher.  Voices share experiences of survival and close calls. Men sport straw hats and Peruvian colored scarves.  From peach basket seats, men smoke thick cigars; serious eyes foster cautious plans.  The … More OVERNIGHT HOME